Fall Concessions Schedule

Updated Monday October 30, 2017 by SCAA.

Concessions is a mandatory part of being a member of SCAA, and something that each member agrees to when registering.  We do this because our concession stands provide our members with a great assortment of food and beverages while attending events at our complex, and is a critical part of income for our organization that helps us try to keep our registration fees low.  Also, our members (like you) rely heavily on the stands to be open and running adequately.  Because of these reasons, we are strict about everyone honoring their duty.  Teams that do not adequately staff concessions during their scheduled duty affect everyone else, and therefore may be penalized and/or rescheduled to work again.  We obviously do not want to do that, but we have to ensure that our stand is adequately staffed for the benefit of all, so thank you for doing so!


  • The schedule was changed from what was posted last week. The Shetland Red Sox replaced the Shetland Braves on April 3.
  • The last week or so of the schedule could change depending on season-ending tournament games.
  • Shetland and Shetland-6 teams need to be careful not to confuse each other when viewing the schedule.
  • Saturday morning and afternoon shifts will cross over by 15 minutes to ensure a smoother transition.
  • Shetland Stand and Softball Stand teams should report to the Main Stand first to get food/drinks and cash.
  • For the most part we were able to keep Softball teams at the Softball Stand and Shetland teams at the Shetland Stand.
  • There are times when teams will have a time gap between games and concessions duty on Saturdays. Due to game times this was unavoidable.
  • Teams missing concessions duty will be reassigned and possibly penalized.
  • Rain out teams may be rescheduled. This could include Fridays.

Fall Concessions Schedule (10-27-17)